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WhaleNet Features

  • ORCA CENTRAL and F R E E - L O L I T A

  • Kimberly Expeditions - Whale Watching Expeditions in Australia.

  • Take a whale to school!! - Build a LIFE-SIZED whale.

  • Take a Scientist to school!!

  • Active Satellite Tagging Program. "Kitty", "Stephanie", and others.
    (AND Data from over 100 satellite tagged marine animals).

  • JOIN ERDEN ERUC experiences as he rowed across the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans (education units included)

  • NEW Gulf of Maine Resource Units funded by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust.

  • Right Whale Data and Information and BABY BOOM

  • Right Whale Educational Resources


  • Math in Science Curriculum and Reading Units,
    Humpback Fluke Photo-id Curriculum Unit

  • Humpback Whale Catalog with Individual Photo-ID

  • For information on deductible contributions to support WhaleNet, click here.

  • REVISED: SUMMER COURSES - Ecology of the Gulf of Maine: Marine Mammals, Sea Birds & the Marine Environment (Life-Long learning and Academic Credit, ages 17 - to ...) taught by Associate Professor Michael Williamson, WhaleNet Director, and Scott Mercer, Naturalist and Author. (more information)
    For the younger students visit Boat Camp (ages 8 to 16)
  • Presentations for your Students/School
    Flipper "Seize the Opportunity" - A lecture for middle school, high school, and college students.

    The program focuses on "life plans," motivation, taking opportunities when they present themselves, "you can do it if you want to", etc. using my history in whale research to make the topic more interesting to a wider range of audiences. Learn a little about life, whales, and research. It has been well received. For information Contact: Michael Williamson, Director-WhaleNet (email)

    Lucy Have LUCY The (life-sized) Inflatable Whale visit your school.

    WhaleNet Director, Michael Williamson, visits school with Lucy the Inflatable Whale to share his knowledge of whales and whale research. See and handle bones, skulls, baleen, and other interesting artifacts as you learn more about the marine mammals that inhabit the oceans. For information Contact: Michael Williamson, Director-WhaleNet (email)

    Mike Williamson
    In Person, OR Have an on-line class visit via Skype, iChat, or gmail video chat.

    WhaleNet Director, Michael Williamson, visits schools in person and world-wide online to share his knowledge of whales and whale research. See bones, skulls, baleen, and other interesting artifacts as you learn more about the marine environment and the marine mammals that inhabit the oceans. For information Contact: Michael Williamson, Director-WhaleNet (email)

    Information for potential Corporate Sponsorships, Foundation Grants and
    Contributions to help keep WhaleNet FREE.

    We recommend that teachers considering use of WhaleNet with students, review the WhaleNet Student Resources page first. There you will find our ASK a Scientist program, Satellite Tagging of Marine Mammals, Whale Watching Data, Species Information links and innumerable other educational resources. Once familiar with the Student Resources you will be able to select the appropriate curricula/lesson plans and other support material on this Teacher page. (Student resources are not included in the chart below.)

    The following Teacher Resources focus on curriculum material, classroom opportunities, organizations that can be useful contacts, professional development opportunities and other complementary information.

    If you are new to WhaleNet, check out our WhaleNet Tour and Teacher Information Packet.

    Curriculum Units & Resources - UPDATED: A variety of WhaleNet curricula resources and high interest reading materials, plus other marine education lessons.

    WhaleNet Speakers can visit you

    WhaleNet Information Packet - Download this packet which includes sample classroom activities, data sheets, instructions for up-loading and down-loading data to WhaleNet and other teaching resources.

    "Lucy" the Inflatable Whale - Bring this whale to your school.

    Affiliate Organizations and Adoption Programs - Groups collaborating with WhaleNet that can be useful contacts for you and your students.


    Catch of the Day - Useful information, notices and points of interest.

    Data Files - Our listservs link classrooms, share teacher-developed lessons, satellite tracking data, and whale sighting data.

    Professional Development Opportunities - A listing of WhaleNet teacher workshops and other professional development opportunities. Boat

    Summer -- Professional Development with WhaleNet's Field Study in Natural Science, instructed by WhaleNet's PI Michael Williamson. Two sessions in August. Field course, meets aboard a 100' vessel.

    Whale Watch Company Participants - Companies to consider using for your class trip. They support student investigations and WhaleNet.

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    All other rights reserved J. Michael Williamson, WhaleNet Principal Investigator