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Meet Lucy...

the WHALE that goes to school!!!

Lucy is an inflatable 55-foot long whale that you can construct.

Students and teachers can walk inside.

Your class or group can build a 55-foot long, 8-foot diameter model of a whale that can be carried in a duffel bag by one person. The directions and a list of materials needed to build this unique educational resource are in the booklet, "How to Build an Inflatable (55 ft.) Whale." Estimated cost for materials is about $80.00

The booklet includes suggested classroom activities and data.

Included: Adaptations to make a humpback whale and a right whale.

See a class using Lucy, the Inflatable Whale, in the slide-show table below.

The cost for this instruction booklet is $10.00 and can be purchased by sending your payment with your order. (All booklets are still available.)

Make CHECK for $10.00 payable to: J. Michael Williamson.

Order form ( also available in the WhaleNet Information Packet)

Send order to:

J. Michael Williamson
20 Moynihan Rd.
So. Hamilton, MA 01982

Humpback Whale Model Right Whale Model
Humpback Right Whale

Inside Whale Model

This model is sure
to get everyone
about whales!!!

University of Akron, Oceans class built a life-sized Blue Whale version of the model.
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Page 2 Video

Check out this slide show of "Lucy" with a class.

Building a Lucy model with the Boston Museum of Science

Commercial Suppliers of Materials used in WhaleNet Activities,
building LUCY, and synthetic marine mammal teeth and skulls.

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